Authentic stories of entrepreneurs
Their journey through struggle, success, and the search for velocity in their work and life.
Season 1 interviews are complete and in production for launch. 
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Endorsements From Guests Interviewed in Season 1
Koy McDermott
Founder-Leaders Inspire Leaders
Justin's interviewing skills are fantastic. He has a really great way of being able to tease and pull the greatness out of each guest he has. 
Brian Smith
 Founder - UGG Boots
My interview with Justin was unique. Instead of the typical question and answer interview, Justin encouraged a conversation about my business and our early growth challenges in a way I haven't thought about in a decade.  The result was a really wonderful discussion about our customer and sales challenges and how we got traction in the market in a way that will resonate with all type and size of business owner.
Sophie Rousmaniere
 Co-Founder - Ironthorn Media
It was wonderful to experience to work with Justin. As a film maker I do a lot of interviews, both in front of and behind the camera. While working with Justin it became clear to me that he has a special way of listening that helps him ask the right questions so as to get to the root of  what is important. It was the best professional interview about my company that I've had. Justin summed up what we were doing better than even I could. 
A podcast for entrepreneurs and creators. Their stories of struggle and success as they seek velocity in their work and life.
Every business has those moments that prove to be a turning-point, a break-through, or catalyst to their next level of success.  The truth is, business is a journey and it's a very personal experience. These interviews are a glimpse into the journey and how to navigate challenges and reach success.

This podcast aims to inspire, encourage and equip entrepreneurs. What's your story?
We're now interviewing for Season 2 of the Small Business Velocity podcast. If you are interested in sharing your entrepreneurial story, click the link to get interviewed.
"I made the Small Business Velocity podcast to celebrate creators and entrepreneurs with character, vision, values and persistence. These men and women are doing amazing things to help their customers, employees and families. Ultimately, they're changing the world in their own way and I want to help them share their stories and encourage others." 
- Justin McCullough, Founder of Small Business Velocity
Justin McCullough
is a values-based leader fanatical about creating velocity in business and life. 
He is VP of Commerce for Capital One | Spark Business leading the marketing and customer acquisition initiatives across digital and branch for five products focused on serving small business owners.

Prior to Capital One, He was VP of Operations and Marketing Director for a SaaS ecommerce platform where he transformed the brand, customer experience, and digital marketing resulting in a multi-million dollar acquisition by a Fortune 100 company.

For other achievements such as that Kickstarter, invention, book, newspaper, magazine, software company, and more, please click here.
Stefan Barlow, CTO
Justin’s leadership resulted in increased revenue, improved customer support, a complete rebrand and clarity as a leadership team. His vision and strategic approach enable transformation across the company. His customer insights, especially in B2B and SaaS, make him a great marketer and growth driver.
Matthew Pollard, CEO
Small Business Festival
Justin is easily one of the most exceptional marketers I have ever seen. His ability to see the potential in ideas and work with partners both internally and externally to make them happen is, in my opinion, unparalleled in the corporate world.
ED Sturrock, SVP
Capital One 
Justin seems to have a super-power where he can continually strengthen the company vision, tie strategy and execution to the customer, and drive growth across all lines of business. I see him lead his team and others as a CEO would, continually inspiring and encouraging the best for the company and the customer.
Matt Byrom, Founder
Wyzowl &
Justin is an extremely knowledgeable and driven person. He is very friendly and easy to get on with. At the same time he is very results focused. It's clearly important to Justin that anything created for the company drives results, fits brand and is on message.
I help businesses gain velocity. 
I use a framework I've vetted over the last 20 years across dozens of industries, hundreds of growth initiatives, and with every size company from solopreneurs to Fortune 100.
All my success in business comes from one thing - a deep appreciation and focus on the customer and why they decide to buy.  

This life-long focus is how I sold nearly 10,000 books in 6 weeks (without the internet), $140 bars of soap (yes soap) via email and wholesale, $4 Million in computer sales in one year in small market, how I launched a successful Kickstarter and how I lead the transformation and re-brand of a SaaS to have three Fortune 500 suitors wanting to acquire it (all within 20 short months) and how I launched a foreign language newspaper, monthly magazine, and hundreds of websites. 

There are many more stories like this.

I started in digital marketing, websites and ecommerce in 1996 with my own web design and web hosting company.  I've been a consultant to nearly 300 CEO's, as well as the COO of an ad agency,  small business owner, creator of three software products, inventor, and worked inside the media and publishing industries as well as big box retail and FinTech. 

The common thread is that I've lead strategic transformation and growth initiatives in every role I've had over the last 20 years. So, not only do I have experience with it, I've had a lot of exposure to all kinds of business challenges and stages of maturity.  Regardless of market, revenue,or industry, the answers, consistently boil down to the same things;. The businesses ability to do customer-focused business development, value creation and consistently strategic growth oriented initiatives.

Every company that I have every helped wanted velocity but couldn't figure out what was holding them back. The secret to velocity is that a few things must happen together - there is not a single silver bullet.  

So, my special gift is like a doctor who can diagnose complex symptoms. The key to how I help small business is really connected to how I help the leadership of those businesses by starting with the customer and then moving out from the customer to impact other parts of the business such as sales, marketing, support, product teams and strategy.  And with my background and experiences I can give examples, tactics, and strategies. And because I've made a life out of this craft, it means I'm constantly reading books, working with my own mentors, and continually absorbing information across all areas of customer growth from email to funnels, branding to traffic generation, story-telling to sales offers.

So, what can I offer you?

In a nutshell, I focus on customer growth, digital marketing, a values-based leadership model and the priceless service of clarifying objectives in order to strategically prioritize near-term and long-term strategy on a clear execution-oriented roadmap.
I help smart entrepreneurs like you.
One-on-one Coaching
Velocity Coaching.
I help small business owners clarify their vision, dial-in on their best, most profitable customers, and grow to their next level of success.
Individualized to meet you where you are with the exact business challenges you are facing. We’ll get clear on your objectives and where you want to go. 
One Day Roadmapping
Velocity Roadmap.
Whether it's a product launch, new line-of-business, change in strategy or vision, or simply a desire to deliver more customer value and sales growth - One Day Roadmapping is the way to align your teams to accomplish more in one year than ever before.
In a single day, onsite, we’ll unpack your business goals, align against the Velocity Framework and create a 6 to 12 month Velocity Roadmap that will bring value across the 4 major zones of your business. This will include customer acquisition, sales and marketing, product and service as well as your vision and values. 
We are focused on clarifying your business, your best customers, your vision and values so you can have unstoppable velocity. You define what success is, we'll get on track to achieve it.
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Small Business Velocity Contact: 409.550.6681 
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